Our Restaurant is a Mexican "Taquería"

Madre Santa” is evolving with time and since our opening in The Hague, we have the concept of a Mexican Taqueria.

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What is a Taqueria?

In Mexico, a taco stand or taqueria is a food stall, food cart or restaurant that specialises in tacos and other traditional Mexican dishes. Taco stands or Taquerias are an integral part of Mexican street food.  From there, we took our inspiration to bring this concept to The Hague. For those not familiar with the concept, we invite you to visit us at our new location in the Zeeheldenkwartier where we would like to show you why taquerías are so cool.  

We have a wide variety of tacos and traditional Mexican dishes made with love!

Tacos in taquerias are usually sold by orders of 3 (mini-tortillas filled with a particular meat or dish). The idea is to have 3 or more tacos (depending of your appetite) and you usually share with others when you want to try out different types of fillings. 

What is a taco and how to eat them?

We look forward to your visit to enjoy our traditional dishes in The Hague! 

Where is the restaurant located?

You can find us at: Zoutmanstraat 58, 2518 GS Den Haag