About Madre Santa

“Madre Santa” is the latest project of a personal calling to protect the value of Mexican gastronomy while sharing it with our foreign friends. We were born and raised in a culture that orbits around ceremonial rituals and the value of tradition. Ironically, it is a very open culture that continuously welcomes external influences, embracing them as family.

Love is at the core of Mexican food. No matter how technically perfect a dish could be, the best recipe is our mother’s or our grandmother’s. We celebrate our most important affections with intricate and sophisticated dishes, and the best “apapacho” (big cuddle) is meant to be eaten.

Mexicans have conquered thousands of hearts through their culinary arts –how many happy relationships might have found their salvation in the kitchen!

Chile en Nogada - Traditional Mexican dish Tacos de carnitas estilo Michoacan Tacos de guisado

Unfortunately, as tends to happen with all the most valuable gems in the world, there is always a black market arising, creating forgeries and bad imitations. Mexican cuisine, as noble as it is and as open as it has always been to foreign arms, has been seriously misunderstood. Its approachability has often been misinterpreted as a justification to profane its quality and complexity. We are just one of many projects around the world that dare to rescue the value of Mexican gastronomy, which is not about being chauvinistic nor pretentious. On the contrary, faithful to our national and cultural values, our cuisine should convey its graciousness and kind-heartedness without renouncing to its high-standards. Our hearts are open and informal but not ordinary. At “Madre Santa” we aim for nothing less. Our food nourishes your body but embraces your soul. Dishes full of colour, craftsmanship, love and the best remembrances of Mexico; ready to land on your table.

At Madre Santa we proudly serve our family’s traditional food with a special ingredient: our happiest Mexican memories.

Buen provecho…

For more information about our past projects and concepts, visit the Press section here on our website: https://madresanta.nl/blogs/press